Online sessions

Ready to kickstart your tranformation?

Are you dreaming of manifesting all the big ambitious dreams of yours and get get your business to take off.

An online session with Marieke and Linda can help you get unstuck, find your way back on track with your business ambitions and into that brilliant flow you are sensing is almost within your grasp. 

Reconnect with your purpose, values and beliefs, find the tools that will help you get back into your workflow. 

Sometimes you simply just need someone to listen and give you that perfect nudge in the right direction to get the ball rolling again. An online session with Feminine Workflow might just be the best investment you can do for yourself and your business to see the whole situation clearer and take the right steps of action.

Price for 1,5 hour online session: 100 euro (incl.VAT). 

Need a little support to regain your balance?

Book an online session with one of us right here.

To book a session with Marieke send an email to

To book a session with Linda write her an email at



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