My Business in Balance

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We have layed out an exclusive roadmap, including retreat, workshops, 1:1 sessions, workbooks and inspiration in a compassionate co-creative proces with a small group of heartdriven business people

(Only available to the danish crowd)

Create a unique foundation and a dynamic roadmap for succeeding in your professional worklife.

Balance and alignment in your professional life

The Business in Balance Philosophy

During our 9 month program we offer you the introduction to a whole new business philosophy based on more feminine values, that suggests a compassionate and meaningful purpose with running a business.

Alternative business tools and methods

We give you in depth practical introduction and training in tools and methods developed by Feminine Workflow as an alternative approach to business development and workflow, that invites every part of your unique being into the business, not only your rational, logical, analytical skills but also your intuition, feelings and body. This is why we talk about a more balanced approach.

Finding your unique way

In the end our mission is to inspire and guide you to run your business in exactly the way you dream of, using what works for you. During ‘My Business in Balance’ we will facilitate your quest diving deep into your heart and being to connect with your core values in business and transform these beliefs into everyday rutines and workflow that are in alignment with your heart and core, fuelled by passion and creates meaningful impact in the world with every step your take.

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My Business in Balance in English is scheduled for second half of 2018.

If you feel like we can kickstart your transformation or need some guidance in the work you are already doing, please check out our online sessions

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