Is Your Business Creating Meaningful Impact?

When we talk about meaningful impact it is an attempt to try and talk about being successful with your business in another way than simple aiming at more and more personal success.

As entrepreneurs we often get questions like, ‘what is your goal for 2017?’ And it is often accompanied by an eager look and big expectations. So when the answer is ‘my goal is to make a difference in the world’, the first thing that happens is the facial expression of the other business person changes, kinda like when a kid gets a knitted sweater for christmas. ‘Huuuhhh yeah, fine, but what about numbers – what’s YOUR FIGURE?! 

Have you had this kind of conversation recently?

It drives me crazy! Literally. It get’s me all up and emotional and I often end up saying one of two things,

‘Great battles are not won with numers and excel-sheets – it takes bloody heart and courage!’

‘Listen, your business might be growing in numbers, but to me it is simply too unambitious, if you are not making a positive, meaningful impact in the world.’

So the next thing that happens is of course, that the question pops, ‘well a positive, meaningful impact can be anything really, how do you measure that?’ 

Often I don’t have the time, but if I did, like I do now, I would ask the person to watch this 5 min video with me. (If you know all about what the Triple Bottom Line is, then you get the point, but this narrative I feel is actually very sweet and to the point, without being too simplified.)

Meaningful Impact has a lot to do with The Triple Bottom Line

Running a business where success is not only about profit demands another kind of mindset

At feminine Workflow we want to continuously develop tools and processes that can help you create meaningful impact in the world, by running a business in balance. This is not something that comes overnight – if it was that easy we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in worldwide. But we know that soooo many like us, want to do things differently, want to find better ways of doing business and we want to co-create with you, through constant curiosity about how to do things differently and having the courage to not only talk about it but also try it out, fail and try again.

Just because it is difficult it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try

Nothing got build in a day. And neither mine or our business is gonna reach a perfect triple bottom line tomorrow, maybe never. But our tiny hope is that if we all start taking small steps, being aware about the way we do business, we will eventually make more meaningful impact in the world, than we do harm to it. So if you feel this way in your heart, we want to lift you up high and do everything we can to support you on that beautiful path.

But maybe you need inspiration to get started?

Well, you can start by checking if your goals for your business at the moment says anything about how you want to be successful at:

  • contributing to the planet 
  • have a compassionate approach to people 
  • set sustainable profit goals

Be kind to yourself – celebrate small steps

Remember, that baby steps are better than no steps at all. Make small post-it notes around your workplace with a symbol that reminds you of how you are contributing to the triple bottom line in tiny ways. Like giving people a hug, when you meet them. Buying organic milk for the coffee. Supporting a fairtrade crowdfunding project. Printing on both sides of the paper. Whatever it is, those basic things all count. So make your everyday life count.

Be kind to others – share your wisdom

We can all do better, especially if we try to inform and inspire rather than judge and complain. So we celebrate that you share with love and kindness all the wonderful wisdom you have about how to take care of Mother Earth and each other. And even though it might seem like an endless battle sometimes, things would be even worse if you were not doing what you are doing to make change and inspire others to do the same. So thank you so much for all the work you already do – you are amazing.

Learn more about our mindset and how we work and want to inspire. We still have a long way to go, but are always trying to find new ways of creating more meaningful impact.

Thank you for reading.


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