Is a Business in Balance Your Road to Succes?

We believe in doing business your own way is important to the world.

Running your business in a way that is aligned, balanced and deeply connected to you heart and core.

Having the freedom to make your professional life a joyful, loving and playful experience not just a race to a fixed goal.

To some this might seem obvious, but for many this is an everyday struggle, because the business world in general bombards you with suggestions on how to be successful, and expectations from others as to how you develop of your business are often based on values you do not share or dreams and ambitions that have become common beliefs rather than your personal visions.

It demand a humongous amount of strength and courage from you to go about doing your business in a different way. You need to trust your hearts guidance and your inner beliefs and have the stamina to withstand when everyone around you says, ‘you cannot run a business like that’ or ‘you will never become successful this way’.

Sometimes  you may only just have the feeling, that you cannot run you business like everyone else. You want to find your own approach, but where do you start?

Where do you find inspiration?

We cannot tell you exactly how to find your unique balance in your business. But we know a lot about the importance of finding this balance and how to inspire and help you to go on your quest and find your way of creating balance in your business as a naturally integrated part of your daily life.

Online Workbooks

Out online workbooks gives you the opportunity to work on your own focusing either on connecting to your hearts vision and the direction you aiming your passion at, or developing a more unique workflow, where you get things done in a more meaningful and joyful way.


If you are looking to be inspired, try some new tools to develop and run your business and meet other people, who just like you are in search of a new approach to business, then our Business in Balance Workshop might be the place to start. This is a two day event introducing you to the Business in Balance Philosophy as well as giving you some of the great tools from the workbooks, so you can get started with finding your way of balancing your business – already at the event.


If you are completely ready to take the deep dive into your hearts pool in search for the passion and drive and a clearer picture of your biggest ambitions with your business, then we set the scene for you to invest in building a solid core foundation in your business at our Hearts Vision Retreat.

Have you already found your passion in life but you struggle with getting somewhere. You feel stuck and don’t seem to be able to get that forward movement going. You want to do things in a different way, but the ‘good old business optimisation models’ are not your cup of tea. Feminine Workflow Retreat might be the place to go, to find new alternatives and design your personal tools for running your business.


Maybe you simply need some advice from someone that thinks like you or even a kind and loving kick in the a… Our Business in Balance Sessions is a chance for you to get quickly back on track or simply just get new perspective on where you are in your business from someone that as the same approach to business as you or offers to listen with love and compassion with no judgement or blame but the ability to give you an overview and help you identify the appropriate steps of action you your personal situation.

In the end our biggest ambition is to help and support you in create your unique business in balance. Because you are important, your here for a reason and your business matters to the world.

We hope to get the chance to help you on your quest. If you want to meet us first – go here.

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