How we work

A Business in Balance Philosophy

We hold the space for you to find and walk your unique path as a business professional.

There is no one way for a successful business to unfold, but we cerise three principles in the way we work and in everything we do:

Set your cornerstones

These are the cornerstones of a business in balance as we see it. And we want to help you to build your business around those principles in the way that feel right inside your heart. We will be your guides, sisters and give you inspiration. We are here to acknowledge every step you take and encourage you to take the next one and the next one. You are so awesome and we know it is so important that you are here and do what you do in the world.

Be courageous and curious

We do not hold all the answers you are looking to find – but we know that you do. They are all inside you. We also know from hard earned experience, that it can feel like running through a foggy maze to find anything in there, because it is messy, right? And dark sometimes. So it takes courage and heartfelt willpower to stay curious and open  and keep looking to find all of that magic you hold inside. But it is there and we want to help you find it and use it to create that big meaningful impact with your business that your heart truly dream of.

Be you – it’s a miracle, that you are exactly as you are!

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So thank you, for standing up for you, us and the world. We are in this together.

Need we are always ready to guide and support you in finding your way back onto your true path.

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Maybe you are curious about how to work with meaningful impact.

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Lots of love,

Marieke & Linda


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