Feminine Workflow In Your Unique Way

If the shoe won’t fit – build your own shoe!

Feminine Workflow is based upon the prospect and feeling that you, as a modern human, can join both your intuitive, creative, passionate, loving, nurturing nature, with your abilities to plan, priorities, act and manifest and achieve your goals, but in a balanced way that feels authentic to you – all the way to your core, and leaves you energized, joyful and fulfilled.

You do not have to compromise. You do not have to adapt to something that you are not. You are You! And you already have everything you have ever needed to follow, expand and manifest your dreams. You just have to trust in you to be resourceful – and you will be just that!

What is even better is that you do not have to do it alone. We are many modern women who feel or have felt like you feel today. Though your feelings are unique to you, and so might your story be to – we find that one womans story, usually are very simuler to another, and therefor we can find strength in each other. Like women have done it for thousands of years before you and I came to be, we feel that there is much wisdom and clarity in the feminine power, especially when we meet up and share our perspectives.

Have you ever had the feeling that there must be a way to balance being intuitive yet strategic in your business or your dayjob?

Is it important to you that the work you do resonate with your passion and gives your life meaning?

Do you stive to achieve your dreams – but have made a promise to yourself, never to compromise your health or happiness in the process?

We believe that this is possible, and not only that – we also believe that this is a necessity for women to thrive in life and in business.

To us, feminine workflow is the sum of how women tend to naturally and intuitively want to work. We are not made for this “push-push-push”-mentality that is very much in the masculine energy. Women tend get excited about doing work that seams meaningful to us, jobs that inspirer us to be passionate and make a difference in lives (our one as well as others) but also in the world. Many feel that it is important for them to work or serve from a very authentic place within themselves. So as you might have noticed, it is our impression that many women are very much in tune with how they want to feel in the proces rather than pushing for that end-goal and loosing track off themselves in the process. Yet, this is what happens for many modern women today.

As we have entered the workforce, which is traditionally run in a very goal-orientated, efficiency-based environment, – we have lost touch with a very sacret truth about the innate feminine strengths/skills that could very easily adapt to a modern worklife. But these qualities have not yet been entirely accessed and accepted for it´s very important trades within your workculture – also – when making big business. This is why many women has nursed and developed the masculine energy within. And for some of us, we have speeded up our lives to such a degree that we are exhausted, numb, confused and feeling overwhelmed. We need to get back in touch with the women inside us and nurse those amazing trades and abilities which has hypernated for a little to long. And worst of all these amazing qualities have been hypernating for so long within some of us, and to an extend that we almost does not trust this trades to exceed in the world – yet alone keep everyday activities running “smoothly” in a steady, yet mindblowing pace. So we suddenly get scared to let go of that feeling of control, even though we instinctively know that this is not what we really want? If we could just let go of having to have control over even the smallest situations, and trust that this does not mean the end of the world or that you might forget to pick up milk! – is it not what we really want to do the most? To free up time, energy and space to do the things that are really most important to us?

If this does not resonate with you? Perhaps you are likely to feel right at home in this next section. Hang tight 🙂

Do you feel like something inside you simply reject this masculine-highpaced-pus-push-push-energy? Maybe this in an instinct you have and are atuned to? Or maybe you have witnessed firsthand how the stress and feeling of overwhelm that comes with it, have left a mark on you and therefor you have decided not to tap into this lifestyle again?

Maybe you have found that it does not suite your personality, your mission or your understanding of the world and the way everything is connected. And it surely have not made you happy, passionate or furfilled in any way. Quite the oppesite, seem to be the case for many modern women. Maybe you have felt like you did not fit in with the corporate world, and this is why you are (or have nursed the thought of being) an Entrepreneur. Purhaps your search of a methode for you to balance your masculine and feminine energies and help them join forces, just happen to lead you to this website.

What ever is the case, – you have arrived to where the magic begins.

Feminine workflow provides you with the knowledge, the skills and the power to restart or fintune the way that feels instinctively right to you – to work towards your goals and hearts desires.

We (Marieke and Linda) find that nature gives us the possibility to “tune in and listen in” to our thoughts, feelings, intuition and/or guides. This act of grounding, we feel is important to be present and feeling calm and relaxed. This is a state both women and men has to obtain to renew the energies that assist us in your life. And this is also why we incorporate nature into our work with our feminine workflow retreats and workaways.

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