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Our names are Linda and Marieke and we founded Feminine Workflow together.

We want to tell you all about it, so grab a cup of coffee, take the break we know you deserve and enjoy reading how we ended up creating Feminine Workflow.

On a cold winter day in a small island in the south of Denmark, we were gathered to work on our independent businesses HJERTEMOD and Workmomentum. But kind of like a romance, we started out as friends but realised that we have something to offer to the world as business partners.

We both have a history as successful career women; fine job, great salary, holiday, pension and a high level of safety about our job situation. But we had something in common and maybe you recognize this from your story. This gut feeling, that our professional life could be better, more meaningful, more fun and creative and most essentially tap into our life purpose and heart’s vision in another way.

This was why we started our own businesses, to do things in a different way that was more aligned with our values and beliefs and made us feel more in balance, because our business is deeply integrated in bigger picture being our life.

This is what we want to guide you to do as well – to be your business and keep your balance. 

Over the years we have educated ourselves in many different areas. We both have an education within design, we have lots of experience facilitating group processes and coaching individuals and we know a great deal about optimizing and managing a business, and then we have a core belief that you have all the resources available inside you to create the professional workflow that you truly dream of, if we guide, nudge, inspire and support you along the way.

If you want to learn a bit more about us, read our individual stories below. 

Marieke Philipa Sofia Bülow

The short story about me is, that I was born in 1982 and since then I have been a pioneer in my own adventure. My hunt for recognition from others drove me to become an elite sportswoman, I completed my master at one of the finest Design Schools in Europe and focused 100% on my career – I was on a mission to become the best, I was talented and had high potential, was extremely focused and worked my ass off .

My journey is full of fine accomplishments, great experiences and great results, but it is also a journey of loneliness, self sabotage, self hate, lots of tears, finally ending in panic attack and breakdown. Today I am grateful that my adventures spirit decided to start a new journey, to find my truest core and rebuild myself from the inside out. Finding a new purpose that originated in my heart was no easy task. I had to learn what happiness felt like, I had forgotten. I had to learn that I was enough exactly as I am, I don’t need to compete, compare or fight for my place in the world. I had to learn, that only I know my way in this life and it is my responsibility to be me and stay in balance especially in my work life, because it is a huge part of my identity.

My personal story is a big part of my engagement in Feminine Workflow. I believe, that the business world needs a platform for those who like me, need to find an alternative way of running their business. The traditional tools and especially the mainstream work culture simply does not apply, and I know that it is possible to create your own unique toolbox, where you can be your business and keep your balance while making meaningful impact in the world.

You and your work is important to me and to the world, so I want to help you succeed with what you are passionate about.

I welcome you to Feminine Workflow and hope we can help you find what you are looking for. 


  Linda Riis Simonsen

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